SANJOY DEY, Expert on Social Media

SANJOY DEY, Expert on Social Media

As a expert of social media,

Mr Sanjoy works with clients across the agency, mixing web-based new and social media tools with traditional PR staples to create the most efficient, effective and returns-focused communications programs possible. He has more than 10 years of participating in the web’s marketing evolution has included creating outreach campaigns which generate buzz, loyalty and turns engaged customers into enthusiastic company ambassadors.

He is charged with walking clients through their new media strategies, implementing creative tactical engagements and measuring their effect on the relationships which make business thrive.

He is a regular contributor to different corporate blog and has put together successful new media programs for clients in high technology, consumer technology and professional services organizations, and effectively counseled several clients through their first bouts with an angry blogosphere. He is graduated in Mechanical Engineering from KUET.