Akter Hossain – Bid Expert

Akter Hossain – Bid Exper

More than 15 years of experience of Health, education and construction of public, private sectors, Mr Hossain graduated from Chittagong University. He is excellent communicators and team builders, leading the sales department to secure winning bids and increase its revenue.

He is a business-minded multi-tasker who know how to organize and prioritize and may even have some project management experience. As a director of Hopestone Consulting Ltd. Mr Hossain oversees an entire department or team who handle and develop proposals based on different client specifications and to submit the bid within budget and before deadline, making sure to represent the client as effectively as possible.

He is involved in all the stages of the development and submission of bids also work alongside estimators, who is responsible in producing price elements of bids and manage various kinds of projects, from start to finish.

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